Søren Lemmike - news and recent projects


I have new ambient piece called Oblekaalto up on various streaming platforms today. The track is a one-take live recording on my semi-modular synth. Links below:



Had a great time playing at ChurChill and hearing the other acts play. Thanks for coming out!



I will be playing at ChurChill #41 at Brorsons Church in Copenhagen later this month:



I did sound design for Modular Icons, a new Kontakt Instrument from Native Instruments developed in conjunction with the Bob Moog Foundation. It includes sounds from acclaimed artists such as Jean-Michael Jarre, created using their very own vintage hardware. Check out the product link below for more info and have a listen to the second demo on the product page to hear what I made with it:



I am playing a live set with electronics tonight at midnight at H15 in Copenhagen. Come and join us.



Thanks for coming out to the Natdyr release-event. Here is Frans Bak and Spejderrobot performing a track from Frans Baks "Sort Symfoni" record.


“…they produce an original sound you don’t hear every day. Fragile compositions and a musical interaction that is so delicate that you hardly dare listen in fear that it will all crumble!” - Jan Granlie (Salt Peanuts)

"Tundra" the debut album from Natdyr is out February 22 on my label Unit Shifter. I recorded and mixed the album together with Mads and Martin from Natdyr. We will be celebrating the release at Literaturhaus in Copenhagen where Natdyr, Frans Bak + Spejderrobot and Mikael Tobias will play live sets accompanied by visuals from Christoffer Birkkjær.


Happy new year! I have a new track out on this new compilation. I will also be playing at the release party February 9th in Copenhagen.


The year is coming to an end and it's been a good one. Last month I did a series of improvised electronic performances with Kopenhagen Laptop Orchestra at DR Koncerthuset. It was part of tech day by IBM theme "Where Technology Meets Humanity". Here is a photo of us playing at the event:



Karsten Pflum has invited be to play at my local venue Stengade here in Copenhagen, Exited for this one!



Sort Symfoni by Frans Bak is out today on vinyl and digital on my label Unit Shifter. The album consists of previously unreleased music originally written for a film score. The music was recorded with the Swedish Radio Symphony and features danish electronica artist Spejderrobot on production. Read more, listen and buy the album here:


Haunted Spaces a new instrument by Soniccouture is out now. I designed a lot of the preset sounds for it. You can check out the trailer for the project below and read more about it at the Soniccouture site here.




My new sample pack called Lo-Fi Electronica is now out on Undrgrnd Sounds. Take a listen below and read more about the project here.




New release on my label today! Unit Shifter proudly presents the debut album by Mikael Tobias. ABSENTIA is a lush and immersive album that combines deep ambient and engaging rhythm using lap steel guitar, electronics and noise. Vinyl and digital pre-orders here:



Russian Covette RC-707 out now!

Released in 1984, the Roland TR-707 drum machine featured 15 digital sounds sampled at 12 bits while offering external sync to other gear with MIDI and DIN sync. Using the TR-707 as a pivotal piece, this collection of tracks on various hardware-based studio setups centered around the TR-707 in combination with other bits of (mostly newer) hardware and effects.

Tracks such as Aniquity Acid and Ikutaro Kakehashi were made in classic studio fashion using lots of overdubs while other tracks like Rocket Squelch and Spring Rain Jam were recorded live on minimalist setups. Some tracks have taken a more experimental approach. The track Boeing 707 uses nothing but TR-707 sounds - all melodic parts in the song are drum sounds tuned to pitch in external samplers and triggered as new instruments via midi. Most tracks were made on different setups using other synthesizers and drum machines running along the TR-707.

This album is meant as an homage to old Roland Rhythm Composers and innovators of machinery more than a purist 707 endeavour. Lots of fun was had making this album. Enjoy RC-707.



Today sees the release of the album Lydlandskaber by Ekkoflok on Unit Shifter. Ekkoflok is the solo project of Valdemar Thomas Kristensen who makes experimental electronic music and handmade instruments:


New Russian Corvette live gig: March 18th at Kansas City in Odense. Looking forward to this one!



I will be playing at Zombie Lounge #4 on February 24th which takes place in Underwerket in Valby. Kopenhagen Laptop Orchestra, Zack Christ, Lamburg Tony and Klingerhult are playing too. The theme for the music is exotic and ethnographic sounds. Should be fun!



The massive Touched 3 compilation is out now and I have got a track on there. All proceeds from the album sales are donated to Macmillan Cancer Support:



I'm playing a little electronic set at Sound Station this Saturday as part of Record Store Day.



The vinyl has arrived from the pressing plant. It sounds and looks great. Release date is February 18 and we are having a release party at Støberiet, Copenhagen the same night. Asynkron, Ekkoflok, E-45 are playing live sets and Karsten Pflum is doing a DJ set with laptop and controller. Come down if you are in town. Pre-orders are still available here.



Happy new year! I am starting up a label called Unit Shifter which will release Compilation One on February 18th. The album is, as the name implies, a compilation of 10 tracks from 10 different international artists. The album will be out on limited edition vinyl and digital. Pre-orders are available here. Here is a short minimix of all tracks on the album:



Today sees the release of my remix of the Rolando Simmons track Deep Trail from the Magic Crystal remix album on Caoutchou Records. The album can be downloaded for free on Bandcamp:




Here's a live studio jam of the Russian Corvette track from the Lost Dubs of Denmark album:



The community and blog Lost Dubs of Denmark just released a free 32-track compilation of quality electronic music in celebration of their 5th birthday. The Russian Corvette track "Sovtech" is on the release, which can be downloaded here:




I made a new track for KVR One Synth Challenge, which as the name implies, is to make a track with just one virtual synthesizer for all sounds, including percussion. The track I made is called Midnight Treasures, and as I just found I scored a 4th place out of 54 entrants. Listen to the track and download it here:




I will be performing an electronic live set as Russian Corvette in May at Café Nutid, exact date TBA soon. I plan on bringing out a mix of analog hardware and laptop/controllers and playing some new tunes, should be good fun so mark your calender. All proceeds from the café are given to aid to those in need around, so you're supporting a great cause too.




I have made a series of tracks over the course of the last couple of months which all stem from the same principle: to make a new track using only sounds from one source. The source in these cases have been Rolands famous series of drum machines produced in the 80's, the TR-707, TR-727 and TR-808 to be exact. The idea was spawned from Ableton user group in Copenhagen, and it turned out to an interesting challenge to make complete tracks using nothing but drum samples. The second one using only Roland TR-727 sounds, this is the latin percussion version of the TR-707:




Happy 2015 to everyone! I am pleased to let you know that I already have a few releases planned for this year. Some on record labels on which I have released music with before, but also some new ones. I will have more news on that later on, but for now here is an updated playlist of new and old music. Enjoy your new year.



Casmos is playing at Cafe Retro on wednesday December 17th at 21.00. Our bassplayer Kasper is also playing with his other band Tundra right after us. This will be the last gig of 2014, so make sure to come out and join us!


Moonranger is playing at Lygten Station on Saturday, October 25th and Dome of Vision Friday Nov 28th. In other news I just finshed recording and mixing an EP for a new band called Sonic Republic.


Casmos is playing 2 shows in 2 days at Blågårdens Apotek and Cafe Retro on November 19th and 20th.


I will be performing a live show as Casmos on Tuesday September 9th at Trinitatis Natkirke. My friend Kasper will be joining on bass along with the usual electronics and we will also bring some visuals along to support the music.


I will be performing a solo live set at Stengades open stage night in Copenhagen on tuesday May 6th. It will be a mix of new and old material with my new setup including electric guitar and some new controllers. It should be fun so come out and check out the new songs.


New track done for the Burn the Machine comp. This one is sort of a sound design meets dubstep/breaks thing and is a free download as well. This is Suprematism:



I finished a VERY experimental track for this months KVR forum OSC (One Synth Challenge). The premise for the challenge is to compose a track using only one syntheziser of choice. In my case I chose Native instruments Massive, mainly becauce I hadn't used in a while and I thought it would be a good opportunity to get reaquainted with it. The result is this, a 180 bpm tour de force in various strange musical genres:




On wednesday Feb. 19 I will be assisting Ableton Certified Trainer Rasmus Kjærbo at an Ableton/Push workshop at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. This should be a great opportunity for anybody interested in Ableton or Push to get to see what it offers and also to try it out and ask questions. Sign up for the event at 4Sounds website:



New track done for this months KVR OSC. This one is called Infrared Riding Hood:



Moonranger is playing at Lygten Station on Friday 14th of March. This will be our first gig in 2014, it will be good to come out and play some new tunes for everyone!



I have a new track featured on an the new Brainshakaz compilation. The album is called Decibel - Level 1 and is out now on iTunes, Beatport and Spotify and CD in the record shop Stereo Studio in Denmark.




One of my electronic music tracks is to be included in the new mexican TV-series "Dos Lunas". The first episode is going to be aired on november 19th and the rest of the episodes will be aired between january to april 2014.



I have programmed some patches for the beautiful Madrona Labs synth Aalto. These patches will be included in a future version of Aalto along with an update of the synth itself.


Made a new track for the KVR One Synth Challenge with Madrona Labs Aalto CM:




Here's a video of a jam I did with my newly aquired Push instrument and some hardware:



Very happy to learn I have recieved a grant from The Danish Agency for Culture for continuing my artist endeavours in music and arts. Big thanks to this years committee for supporting my music!


Abletons blog has an interview with Soniccouture's James Thompson about the live pack Konkrete Breaks for Ableton Live 9 which I did some beats for:



The compilation IDMfBT003: Transparency is out today. It features one of my tracks and can be downloaded at bandcamp.


Ableton will release Live 9 and Push on 5 march. Last year I worked on a collection of beats for Sonicouture to be released as part of the factory content that comes with this new version of Live. Very excited about this release and I can't wait to get my hands on Push.



Konkrete 3 is now available. It's an awesome instrument for creating cool electronic beats. There is 90 different drum kits available. One of them is called Guzheng2, and that's the one I used to create this demo for Soniccouture:



Happy new year! I have written a new piece, showcasing the potential of another great instrument for SonicCouture. This one is called Konkrete, and it is a drum and percussion instrument for electronic music. The piece I have written utilizes percussive samples of the GuZheng, which is a is a traditional Chinese instrument dating from the Qin dynasty, along with some other great SonicCouture instruments. The product should be available for purchase at the SonicCouture website before the end of january. I will post a link to some audio soon.



Moonranger is playing at Raahuset, Copenhagen on october 25th. We're supporting the mighty DeVille from Malmö, Sweden - we're very much looking forward to this gig.



I have been working on a collection of beats to be released as part of the factory content that comes with the next version of Ableton Live to be released in 2013. Don't really have more info other than I'm looking forward to this.



Moonranger gig at Lions & Barrels, Copenhagen on july 27th. Never played there before, should be fun.



Moonranger is playing at Råhuset, Copenhagen tomorrow night.

Unsuspected Sounds is now available on vinyl and digital. I'm very happy to be part of this compilation. All proceeds from the sale go to the Breast Assured Foundation, a non-profit group that provides free cancer screenings and mammograms for low-income women via a sophisticated mobile lab. Great album and a great cause, go pick it up now.



I have made a demo track for Soniccoutures new product, EP73, released today. More info and sound examples here:



Moonranger had a great gig at Vega, Copenhagen last night. Lots of family and friends and good times. The show was recorded on multitrack audio and 4 cameras, and we plan to release some footage from show soon.

I have a russian corvette track featured on a compilation called unsuspected sounds, released by analog industries. The album release will be limited to 300 vinyl copies. Should be available next month, I will post more info soon.



Moonranger gig on friday february 24 at Rust, Copenhagen, Denmark. Come on down and support us!

The Dead-Channel compilation featuring a new Russian Corvette track and lots of other talented producers from around the world is now available. Get it for free at the Dead-Channel website.


We've got 2 new Moonranger gigs here in Copenhagen and we're very much looking forward to them.

Also a Russian Corvette track will be featured on the next Dead-Channel compilation. More about that in a later update!



Welcome to my new website!

This is where I'll post news about what I have been up to. Our basement studio space was flooded early juli, so this summer I have spent a lot of time checking up on gear and looking for new place. Fortunately we found a room in a newly built studio complex, and at the moment we're still busy moving in and connecting all the wires.