Søren Lemmike - stuff I like, you might too

Here is a collection of links to sites I find interesting. Mostly music tech stuff and record labels:

ableton my preferred audio software program for studio and live productions
analog industries blog about the music business and the creative process
audio damage makes some cool audio plugins, hardware and good freebies.
audiorealism look here for a realistic 303 emulation soft synth
beardyman probably one the most skilled beatboxers out there - check out his videos
d16 group another company which makes great roland emulations and more
planet mu home of luke vibert and many others
rump recordings danish label which releases good electronic music
soniccouture interesting sample libraries for kontakt and ableton live, also features free samples
sugar bytes makes fun, easy to use and great sounding audio plugins
twisted tools specializes in innovative and user friendly instruments, effects and sample libraries
unit shifter my label. Established in 2016 to release music I like in physical and digital formats.
warp records classic electronica label, home of aphex twin, squarepusher, brian eno and more